108 Years at MOSCOT

MOSCOT is 108 and feeling great! Take a stroll down memory lane as we recap our 100+ years in the biz.

Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

1899, Hyman Moscot, 1st Generation 

The MOSCOT Optical roots were first planted in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when Great Great Grandfather and 1st Generation, Hyman Moscot, arrived from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island, in 1899. Hyman, like many immigrants, began selling what he knew best—eyeglasses—from a Pushcart on Orchard Street.

1915, 94 Rivington Street Shop

By 1915, having amassed a following of loyal customers, Hyman opened the family’s first retail shop at 94 Rivington Street.

 1925, Sol Moscot, 2nd Generation

In 1925, Hyman’s son, Sol, at the tender age of only 15, joined the family business and helped take over the reins as 2nd Generation.

1930s, Sol and the Great Depression

During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, Sol contributed to the good of the city by providing free eye checks, frames, and adjustments to the New York Community with a pay it forward mentality. It was important to Sol and the entire Moscot family to give back to the Lower East Side community that had welcomed them to the neighborhood several years before.  

1934, 118 Orchard Street Shop

By 1934, MOSCOT was settled at 118 Orchard Street, on the corner of Delancey Street, which would be its home for the next eight decades.

1938, The MOSCOT Finishing Lab

MOSCOT’s 100-year (and counting!) expertise in eyewear began right in our very own shops, with the latest equipment of the time. To this day, all lens orders are fabricated in house in our New York City laboratory. Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

1940s, LEMTOSH Legacy

The LEMTOSH stands the test of time with its iconic design and continues to uphold a legacy of its own. This rounder classic style, first introduced in the mid-20th century, has served as the calling card for generations of intellectuals, artistes, and auteurs.

Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

1951, Joel Moscot, 3rd Generation

In 1951, Sol’s son, 3rd Generation, Joel, began presiding over the “House of MOSCOT.” Charming, educated, and devoted to his customers, Joel quickly made his mark - overseeing the Shop and conveying the family’s values to his sons.Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

1970, 118 Orchard Street Shop

By the 1970s, MOSCOT expanded their Shop at 118 Orchard Street to include the ground-level space below the retail shop. MOSCOT would continue to occupy the corner space until their next big move in 2013. Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

1976, Bicentennial Parade

The Moscots (Sol, Kenny, and Joel) celebrated America’s 200th Birthday at the Bicentennial Parade in New York City. 

1986, Harvey Moscot, 4th Generation

In 1986, Joel’s son, 4th Generation, Dr. Harvey Moscot, entered the family business as the head of eyecare, where he was a practicing Doctor of Optometry for over thirty years. Today, Harvey leads MOSCOT into the global future as the current CEO.

1992, Kenny Moscot, 4th Generation

Joel’s youngest son, 4th Generation, Kenny, followed suit, joining the business in 1992. He will always be remembered as a beloved family member and essential brand visionary.

2004, MOSCOT Music

MOSCOT Music originated at the Orchard Street Shop, when 4th Generation, Harvey, grabbed his guitar and started jamming out on a rainy Saturday. Guests lined up, staff members and 5th Generation, Zack, joined in and since then, MOSCOT has added a music element to its repertoire, by connecting fans worldwide with emerging and established musical artists.

Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

2013, 108 Orchard Street Shop

In July 2013, after 77 years, the MOSCOT Orchard Street Shop “crossed Delancey Street,” from 118 Orchard to 108 Orchard when its iconic building was sold. Now, located just down the street, MOSCOT still calls Orchard Street home!

2013, Zack Moscot, 5th Generation

In 2013 Harvey’s son, Zack, a formally trained industrial designer, came on board, making him the 5th Generation Moscot to join the family business. He is the current Chief Design Officer for the brand and heads all creative and design for the company.

2015, MOSCOT 100 Year

In January, 2015, MOSCOT celebrated its 100 Year Birthday! Hyman would be proud.Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

2021, 94 Orchard Street Shop

After 106 years in biz, MOSCOT moved the “cart” down the block one final time to its new flagship location at 94 Orchard Street. Opening the original Shop in 1915 at 94 Rivington Street, one could call it fate that over a century later, the eyewear purveyor makes a permanent home at 94 Orchard Street, just down the block!

Find your perfect Frame at MOSCOT. 108 years strong!

2022, Shops Around the World

With over a century of expertise, MOSCOT has successfully opened flagship Shops around the world. Today, MOSCOT is available in specialty retail and optical shops in over 50 countries.

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